“Take me back to the river, back to the spring after a cold December, we’ll dance til the final ember of our fire dies.” 

~ “Made” by Robin Tucker 

Producing two albums before the age of 22, Berklee College of Music alumnus Robin Tucker writes music for the wild soul in all of us. Long drives under starry skies, riverside trysts, and love-sick daydreams are his way of reminding us that we are here to burn brightly and leave no stone unturned or tree un-hugged. 

As a child, Robin couldn’t keep his hands off the piano. Making up melodies on the black keys, he begged his parents for lessons and began playing when he was seven. Though he disliked practicing (his teacher will attest), he loved writing and could be found most weekends making paper CD packages with original track titles. 

Graduating from cassette and handheld digital records to rudimentary recording software, Robin began putting original music up on SoundCloud in middle school along with self-made music videos on his YouTube channel. Working hard to learn how to produce, he released his debut album, Wild, in 2018. 

Robin is constantly searching for joy, and doing the work to become one with his innermost wild self. Join The Nest (his awesome email list) to get fun stories about his music and adventures.